Antibody development cost reduction
We can reduce the number of false results in vitro to 87%. Our method will include modification of flexible chains of immunoglobults, stepwise testing of each antibody to antigen, determination of key amino acid residues, range of changes in affinity
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Our group is a developer of an innovative method in biology

During the first half of the 20th century, a series of scientific discoveries resolved that antibody-mediated immunity is the cornerstone of the specific immune response. Since their first use as immunolabeling research tools in the early 1970s, antibody technologies have vastly improved, and antibodies have become critical tools for most areas of life science research. The basic principle of any immunochemical technique is that a specific antibody will combine with its specific antigen to generate an exclusive antibody-antigen complex.
Our group has developed an innovative research technique for such a complex

Advantages of ordering with us

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Cost savings
Ordering work with us, you save almost 90% on preliminary screening experiments to find the most suitable immunoglobulins
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Three-dimensional map of the energy interaction of the amino acid sequences of an antibody with an antigen
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No experiment needed
Determination of the affinity range for various substitutions of amino acid residues, during the formation of an antibody-antigen complex before an in vitro experiment
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Wide coverage
You do not have to be limited to a narrow list of substitutions of amino acid residues; instead, you get a wide range of possible modifications
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Affinity range antibodies-antigen
The results obtained will determine the key amino acid residues that make the greatest changes in the affinity of the dimeric complex.
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Procedure for finding suitable immunoglobulins
Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies, The average production cost of developing monoclonal antibodies
1.Determination of three-dimensional complex of the target protein with antibody flexible chain, which is subject to further modification. This should be at least one file with the extension of the PDB obtained by the method of X-ray diffraction analysis.
2.To control the received data, you can choose either of two options:
- you can use the additional structure of the PDB.
-take advantage of previously available data on the mutations performed, alanine scanning of one of the participants of the antibody-antigen complex

3.Our experts check files, adapt them for computational manipulations.
4. Our specialists perform the necessary calculations: obtain data, numerically calculate the results in the form of graphs and diagrams, determine key amino acid residues, interaction energies, changes in affinity and stability, change in entropy for each replacement of the amino acid residue in the flexible chain of immunoglobulin.
5. Performing a verification series of calculations in accordance with paragraph 2

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