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  • Tatiana Koshlan
    Mobile phone: 053-3826075 (Israel, Haifa)

    Tatiana Koshlan was born and lived on the territory of Ukraine till 2008 year, then moved to Saint-Petersburg, graduated from St. Petersburg State University, the department of Molecular Biophysics and Physics of Polymers. She is Master of Science in the field of biophysics and Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics with «The role of electrostatic interactions in the formation of protein complexes». Her interdisciplinary research is in the field of biological and physical sciences. Her research is devoted to studying the interaction of biological molecules by physical methods, using mathematical tools to develop new technology and software with the ability to perform systematic measurements of various data sets of biological interactions.
  • Kirill (Maizels) Kulikov
    Mobile phone: 053-3826082 (Israel, Haifa)
    Kirill (Maizels) Kulikov has been a full professor since 2014 at Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnical University, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, Department of Higher Mathematics. He received his Ph.D. in Physics and Mathematics with «Mathematical Modeling of the Optical Properties of Multilayer Biological Systems and Structures in their Heterogeneous Conjugation» (2004). He has habilitation at the State Polytechnical University (Great St. Petersburg Polytechnical University) of St. Petersburg, Russia (Doctor Science in Physics and Mathematics). His Doctor of Science thesis title was «Analytical models of interaction of laser radiation with complex heterogeneous biological tissues» (2014). His research interests are theory diffraction theory, electrodynamics, physics of lasers, tissue optical methods of mathematical modeling in biological tissue optics and numerical method, biophysics.
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Israel, Haifa
Ha-Nevi'im street 22,
Post box 4451
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